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Yuanyou Palace

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Yuanyou Palace was built in the year of Yiyou during Emperor Jiajing’s reign (AD1549). It was finished in the year of Wuwu (AD 1558). The palace now has more than 430-year history.

The Yuanyou Palace is a magnificent palace with Ming and Qing architecture style in middle south area. It now becomes Zhongxiang Museum. Over six thousand historical and cultural relics are collected in the museum. It reflects that Zhongxiang city has a long history and a prosperous culture. Among those relics, there are utensils of jade, stone, pottery from the middle-late period of the primitive society and remained stuffs for the ancient merchants in Zhongxiang city. The Chu utensils in the museum are very characteristic. And potteries occupy quite a large proportion among all collections in Zhongxiang Museum. Moreover, there are more than 700 paintings and calligraphies as well, which reflect the culture of the dynasties of Ming and Qing, such as Painting “Mochou ancient ferry”, Painting Cymbidium by Zheng Banqiao, a famous artist in the Qing Dynasty; the handwriting by Zhu Da, a famous calligrapher in the Ming Dynasty; painting “100 Old Men With Longevity”, painting “9 old men went back hometown”, etc.

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How to Get There?
Get there by taking route 1 or route 5 bus.

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Opening Hours:
8:00 to 17:00.

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Recommended visiting hours: 3 hours.

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