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Jingmen Travel Guide

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Jingmen Overview

Jingmen is located in Jianghan Plain. Since Shang and Zhou Dynasties (BC 16 centuries), the governments set administrative offices in Jingmen, no matter it acted as a county or a prefecture. Therefore, it became an important military place. Jingmen has a population of near 3 million, and with the area of 1.24 square kilometers.

Hanjiang River traverses the whole area of Jingmen. The Jiaozuo-Panzhihua railway gets through Jingmen from south to north. The highway here is also very convenient, mainly with 207 state highway, Jingqian highway and Hanyi highway, which extend to every direction. Flights from Jingmen airport can fly to Beijing directly. Nowadays, Jingmen has the convenient transportation tools of highways, waterways, railways, pipe transportation and aviation.

Jingmen City

Jingmen City

Jingmen city is one of the earliest original places of Chu culture. It has been listed as the famous historical and cultural city by Hubei government. Zhongxiang city, which is under Jingmen’s jurisdiction, is a famous historical and cultural city with national level. Among those, there are many key historical and cultural sites under the government’s protection. Qujialing cultural relic has a history of 4600 years. The Ming Tombs are accredited as “the underground treasure house of Chu culture”, and are also the biggest tombs only for one emperor. In 1998, “the woman’s body from the Warring States period” was excavated. Although the body has 2300 year history, it was preserved well. As a result, it was identified as the rare national treasure by State Cultural Relics Bureau. Duodaoshi is located at the south suburban area of Jingmen city. It was the military place for Guanyu, the general in the Han Kingdom during the period of the Three Kingdoms, to recruit soldiers. There are also many famous historical sites in the urban area of Jingmen. The Dongshan Pagoda was built in the Sui Dynasty. The Longquan bookstore and the famous “three rostrums and eight spots” were built in the Qing Dynasty. Moreover, there are four famous springs in Jingmen city as well, such as Meng Spring, Long Spring, Shun Spring and Hui Spring.

In a word, Jingmen is a charming city, with beautiful landscapes and sceneries.

Area code: 0727.

Post code: 434500.

Minorities: Jingmen city has 23 minorities in total.

Administrative Division Outline: Jingmen is a provincial city. Under its jurisdiction, Jingmen has Jingshan county and Shayang county, Zhongxiang city, Dongbao district and Qujialing administrative district.