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Civilian Aviation

Jingmen urban area is 55 kilometers far away from Shashi airport, 115 kilometers from Yichang Sanxia international airport, and 116 kilometers from Xiangfan airport. Visitors can choose any of those airports.

Shashi airport:

It was finished building in 1992. Shashi airport is the second-rank airport. The runway is 1800 meters long. Boeing 737 can take off and land no matter at day time or at nights. Now, there are 15 airlines to Beijing , Guangzhou , Shanghai , Shenzhen , Xiamen , etc.

Address: Located at No. 1 of Hongmen north road, Shashi district, Jingmen city.

Ticket office call: 0716-8213020.

Yichang Sanxia international airport:

There are now over 20 airlines to Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming , Chongqing , Chengdu , Guilin , etc, since it was open in 1996. Meanwhile, there are non-scheduled special planes and charter planes to Hong Kong and Japan.

Inquiry call: 0717-6514180.

Ticket office call: 0717-6551168.

Xiangfan airport:

It is located at the west bank of Tangbaihe River, Zhangwan town, Xiangyang county. It is only 18 kilometers far away from Xiangyang urban district. And now, there are airlines to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, etc. Among those, there are Flights to Beijing every Monday and Thursday. There are flights to Shenzhen and Guangzhou every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. There are flights to Shanghai every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Inquiry call: 0710-3313567.

Ticket office of urban area

Address: No. 36 of Qianjin road.

Call: 0710-3812124, 3812142, 3812767

Ticket office call of Civilian Aviation: 0710-3449124, 3449142, 3444247

The railway transportation is very convenient in Jingmen city. There are trains to Beijing , Xi’an, Taiyuan, Shanghai , Yichang , etc

Jingmen railway station is located in the cross of Changning Path and Quankou road. Visitors can take route No.1 or No. 3 to the urban area.

Ticket office call: 0724-2389741.

The highway transportation is much developed in Jingmen. The Yichang -Huangshi highway, the Hankou-Shiyan highway and the Xiangfan-Jingzhou highway make a big triangle of highway transportation system in Jingmen and its neighborhood. Visitors can go to Wuhan city, Yichang city, Xiangfan city, Changsha city, etc, at Jingmen bus station. There are regular buses to Wuhan and Yichang every 20 minutes. It is very convenient to those cities or counties nearby Jingmen with quite a lot of regular buses.

Jingmen bus station inquiry call: 0724-2338443.

Free inquiry call: 16800118.

Inquiry call of Wanli Transportation Construction Company: 0724-2334978.

Ticket office call: 0724-2333822、0724-2334978.

There are 12 bus routes in Jingmen, with the ticket fee of one RMB. Over 65 year-old people, children below 1.2 meters, disabled servicemen, blind people, deformed people, etc, are free of charge when taking a bus. Students with monthly ticket or IC card can enjoy the preferential treatment of half price.

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