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Shashi Airport of Jinzhou was enlarged in 1992. It is a national second-rate airport, with an airstrip of 1,800 meters. There are 15 routes to Beijing , Shanghai , Guangzhou , Shenzhen , Xiamen , etc, separately. At present booking services are not opened up here. If necessary, you can conduct in neighboring city- Wuhan .

Wuhan Airport is located in Tianhe Street, Huangpo District, so it is also called Tianhe International Airport of Wuhan.

Inquiring Tel. in airport: 027-85818888  

Booking Tel. in Tianhe Airport: 027-83666666

There two railways run-through from the south to north in Jinzhou: one is Jiaoliu Railway; the other is Jinsha Railway which connects with Jiaoliu Railway at Jinmen.

Address: No.119 Jinnan Road, Jinzou

Booking Tel: 0716-8445739

The network of highways here is consisted of 2 express highways, 2 national highways, 14 provincial highways and many crisscrossed county roads. Highway mileage open to traffic in Jinzhou is over 13,246 kilometers and its roading density is 0.94 kilometer per square kilometers. There are 627 bridges, 27526.9 linear meters in total. The large-scale bridges are 47, 14652.4 linear meters in all. There are 12 ferries, among which 3 ferries for taking a ferry of special cars and 9 for social ones.

Jianglin Central Station

Tel: 0716-8466162

Address: No.35 Jinnan Road, Jinzhou District

Jinzhou Long-distance Bus Station

Tel: 0716-8466337, 8466061

Address: No. 15 Jinnan Road, Jinzhou District

Daqiao Passenger Station

Tel: 0716-825266,8253797

Address: No.19 Nanhu Road, Shashi District

Shashi Long-distance Bus Station


Address: No.4 Gongyuan Road, Shashi District

Jinzhou is an important port on Changjiang River, which is preceded only by Chongqi and Wuhan .

Transport of Passenger and Tours it Parent Company of Jinzhou Port acts waterway transport of passenger of Jinzhou. It has 5 quay berths and can provide various liners.

Address: No.21 Linjiang Road, Shashi District

Tel: 0716-8213225


There are over 20 bus routes and the fare is RMB 1 Yuan.


It is RMB 2 yuan per kilometer as flag price, then 1.2 yuan per kilometer.


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