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Changwen Pagoda

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Brief introduction to the scenic spot:

Changwen Pagoda is still preserved well, although it was built in June, 1607, the 35th year of Emperor Wanli’s reign of the Ming Dynasty, It is a pagoda designed with the Fengshui-science. Changwen Pagoda was built by the Chen family’s contribution in Anwen town. Therefore, the meaning of Changwen Pagoda implies that it could make Anwen town prosperous.

The pagoda is 43.68 meters high, with the enclosure of 24.68 meters and the thickness of 1.5 meters. The foundation of Changwen Pagoda was used with the whole-piece stones. Its wall was made by special bricks, and the gaps were filled with lime. Besides, the wall was also whitewashed. Changwen Pagoda is a seven-floor hollow pagoda with the shape of arris in six corners. Visitors can climb up to the top of the pagoda by the cockle stairs. Between every two floors, there are eaves protruded with the shape of prism made by bricks on the outer wall. There are three arch-shape windows on each floor, from which visitors can look into the far distance. A steel cucurbit with a rod in mouth was set at the top of Changwen Pagoda. It is used as a lightning rod. When staying at the pagoda, visitors can have a better sight of all around sceneries, such as the Duxiu hill, Huatai, Luofeng hill, XIshan hill, and the sceneries at the banks of Wenxi brook.

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How to Get There?
 Get there by taking a bus at Hangzhou east bus station.  Get off at Hangzhou railway station or Yiwu railway station, then transfer a regular bus to Pan’an. Changwen Pagoda is just located at the north of the county.

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Opening Hours:
8:30am to 17:30pm

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