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Double Dragon Scenic Resort

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The marvelous Double-Dragon Scenic Resort, a national attraction, is characterized by its dense woods, peculiar caves and famous Taoist hills. It has been proved that there are total 151 sceneries at the Double-dragon Scenic Resort. Among those spots, there are 17 humanistic sceneries and 134 natural sceneries. The natural sceneries include over 10 sightworthy caves, 18 hills, 57 rock sceneries, 18 plant sceneries, 23 water sceneries, 4 astronomical spots and 2 animal spots. Among all the scenic spots, the most famous are the Double-Dragon Cave, the Ice-Pot Cave, the Pilgrimage Cave and the Celestial-Cataract Cave. As it known, the Double-Dragon Cave is famous for “Wozhou”, which means one could only pass the cave by lying down on the boat; the Ice-Port Cave for its waterfalls, the Pilgrimage Cave for its stones, while the Celestial-Cataract Cave for its venturesome spots. Besides the four famous caves, the Taoyuan Cave is also sightworthy.

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How to Get There?
Get there by taking Route 3 bus (start at every 30 minutes) at Qingbomen station, or taking Route 21 bus at the Jinhua Plaza station, or at the International Trade Building station, or at Taiyangcheng station near the west railway station, You can also get there by taxi (25 RMB if starts at the north urban area, while 30 RMB at the south urban area).

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Opening Hours:
7:20am to 17:00pm

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