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The Huaxi Scenic Area

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/28

Brief introduction to the scenic spot:

The Huaxi Scenic Area is loacted at the north of Longtou rock screen, and faces the Huajie street, Xiawutoujian Hill, Shuangfengshan Hill, Renpanshan Hill, Wujiaoshan Hill at east. It lies near the boundary of Anwen town and Shuangfeng town at south. The Huaxi Scenic Area also extends to Shangshanping and Yangcaojian at its west side. It occupies a total area of 11 square kilometers. As its vertical drop reaches 864.3 meters, the whole scenic area looks unique, with its dense plants, green hills, clear water, rich animal resources and quiet environment, as well.

The main spots include water scenery at Longtouyan Cave, Shixia Scenery, the deep and secluded valley, the second Huangguoshan Hill, and the scenery of clear water and unique waterfalls. There are more than 1,000 kinds of wild plants, especially the bamboos and Chinese firs. There are 17 orders, 20 families and 63 kinds of birds and mammals in this area. Because of the rich animal resources at the Huaxi Scenic Area, there are lots of folktales about animals, such as the story of King Dragon, the story about a monkey and a lion fighting for a hill, a folktale happened at Changxi Brook, etc.

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How to Get There?
 Bus: Take a bus to Pan’an county at the east bus station of Hangzhou, then transfer a bus to the Huaxi Scenic Area, or take a taxi for 30 RMB.  Train: Get off at Hangzhou or Yiwu railway station by train, then transfer a regular bus to Pan’an, finally take a minibus direct to the Huaxi Scenic Area.

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the whole day.

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