The Taoyuan Scenic Area

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Brief introduction to the scenic spot:

The Huiyin Temple and Dongdian old Temple are not only famous in the Taoyuan Scenic Area, but also in Jinhua city, Lanxi city, Pujiang county, Yiiwu city, etc.The Huiyin Temple is also the place where Shi Fuliang, the famous specialist in the field of social activities, studied. The Dongdian Temple Fair was one of the eleven biggest temple fairs in ancient Jinhua prefecture. The former residence of Shi Fuliang and Shi Guangnan now becomes the educational base of patriotism in Jinhua city.The Taoyuan Scenic Area is characterized in its silence, elegance, ancientry and mystery.

There are quite a lot of unique jagged stones, with different shapes in the resort. Moreover, the Taoyuan Scenic Area is also well-known for its dense forest resource, lakes, historic and cultural relics, famous folktales, etc. The Taoyuan Scenic Area is, therefore, a multifunctional scenic resort concentrating on landscapes-visiting, sightseeing, fruit tasting in the orchard and reverence.

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How to Get There?
 Bus: 1) Take a regular bus (from Jinhua to Yiwu) to Xietang station, and then walk to the scenic spot. 2) Take a regular bus direct to Xietang at the south bus station of Jinhua.  Train: Get off at Jinhua or Yiwu railway station, and then transfer a regular bus to Xietang.

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the whole day.

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