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Iron Tower of Chongjue Temple

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Temple of Iron Tower, originally called Chongjue Temple, also called Shijia Temple, was built in North Qi Dynasty Jianyuan year (560), and has 11 floors together, including 9 ones in body as well as base and tower spire. It is 23.8 meters high and assumes a shape of octagon, very tall, straight and beautiful. On the bottom of each floor is set with a 5-centimeter octagonal base, with four Dougongs under each base. Above each base has been fixed with the rail, which is 30 centimeters high and has very changeable and distinctive flower patterns, like peony and continuous characters, very delicate and exquisite. The body is 20 centimeters within the rail and each floor has been cast with about 20-centimeter groove.

There are 36 doors in the tower in all; besides, there are two sitting Buddhas in each sides, 36 ones altogether, which look very smooth and vivid. On the top of each floor are set with some modillions, under which are four Dougongs as the base, whose facture is very precise while keeping the feature of wooden construction, very grand and vigorous.

There is a big Kwan-yin with one thousand hands and one thousand eyes in the room and in three sides of the Buddha engraved with the pictures about Buddhism fables, sermon and flyer. The whole iron tower, with precious construction, looks integral, tall and straight, very grand, which fully revealed the smelting technique in ancient China, the high standard of architecture techniques as well as the creativity of working people.

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