Mencius Temple

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Mencius Temple, also called Yasheng Temple, was where Mencius was sacrificed in the previous dynasties and was built in Song Dynasty Jingyou 4th year (1037). It was originally in front of Mencius’ grave which was in the south-east side of Siji Mountain, 13 kilometers away from the city. Due to its distance, it was moved to the suburb of Zoucheng and till Song Dynasty Xuanhe 3rd year (1112) it was built where it is now. Afterwards, it got rebuilt and enlarged in Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties for a dozen of times to reach the present scale. Mencius Temple today, with luxuriant ancient trees and steles inside as well as red walls surrounded around, has got a total area of 65.3 mu. It is a rectangular architectural complex, with 5 courtyards in all, and is centered with the main building “Yasheng Hall”. Inside there is a mille axes from south to north, symmetrically arranged and well-spaced, which fully reflected the features of ancient temple. In front of it are three big yards while behind are three routes. At present it has got 64 halls, 2 stele pavilions, 4 wooden workshops and one stone one. Mencius Temple, second only to Confucius Temple, is one of the ancient architectural complexes which has got longest history and most complete preservation, as well as the representative of ancient architecture in Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. In 1988, it was set as a national key cultural relic preservation unit by State Department.

In the temple are preserved with 280 inscriptions in Qing, Han, Jin, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, which are mainly about feudal emperors’ activities in previous dynasties, Mencius’ pedigree, the record of Mencius Temple’s repair and enlargement, poems and glorifications of literators and poets, etc. these inscriptions, with Kai, Xing, Li zhang Zhuan styles, have very high value of calligraphic art and is also very rare material for the study of our history and Mencius Temple’s evolution.

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How to Get There?
you can take a taxi since buses are not available here.

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8:00 – 17:00

More Tips:
(1)The average annual temperature is 13.6 ℃ and the best season for visiting is autumn. ( 2)The price for the through ticket of Mencius Temple and Mencius’ Residence is 20 yuan per person, and the Tomb of Mencius 10 yuan per person; in the Tomb of Mencius there is the activity of sacrificing Mencius in every September (from 26th to 28th). (3)Recommended Time for Visiting: 2 hours

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