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Shuipo Liangshan

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The north-east of Shuipo Liangshan is 150 kilometers from Shandong. In Han Dynasty Zhongyuan 6th year (144 B.C.), Duke Liangxiao, the second son of Emperor Hanwen, hunted in Liangshan and was buried there after his death, thus it got the name Liangshan. It is made up of 4 mountains and 7 branch ranges, with Hutou Mountain of 197 meters high as its highest peak, and cliffs in its four sides, very arduous. In Tang and Song dynasties, at the time of burst of the Yellow River, the big pool in Zhoucheng, with 800 meters wide, was called “Liangshan Lake”. It was said that in North Song Dynasty, the peasants insurgence led by Song Jiang had ever camped here to resist the official army. Besides, “Shuipo Liangshan”was also made well-known because of the coming out of the book “All Men Are Brothers”.

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How to Get There?
you can take No.2 bus at train station to get off at Liangshan scenic spot

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
7:30 – 17:30

More Tips:
( 1 ) The folkway in Liangshang is very honest, and the performance of martial art, cockfight and goatfight are very distinctive. ( 2 ) Local delicacies: Liangshan Pickled Fish, Song jiang Elbow, and Song Jiang Braised Fish. ( 3 ) Distinctive folk-custom handiworks: Lin Chong bottle gourd, Lu Da beads. ( 4 ) The service charge is 50 yuan per time. (5)Recommended Time for Visiting: 2 hours

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