Jining Travel Guide

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Jining Overview

Jining of Shandong province is one of famous cultural resorts in China, with lots of cultural relics, and is also one of the areas with most Chinese humanities landscape. It is called “the Hometown of Confucius and Mencius, and a State of Ceremonies”, where there are ancient towns and wharfs which Jinghang Grand Cannel had ever passed through; the biggest ecological tourist lake in the north of the Yangtze River; the Shuipo Liangshan, where the story in All Men Are Brothers (one of the four famous classical works in China) took place. According to the natural distribution of the tourism resources, the whole city has formed four distinctive tourism areas, i.e. tourism area of Confucius and Mencius culture (centered in Qufu and Zoucheng), canal culture tourism area (centered in Jinning city), aquatic scenery tourism area (centered in Weishan Lake), and Shuihu culture tourism area (centered in Shuipo Liangshan), the four of which have formed the tourism pattern that “culture in the east while martial arts in the west, and water in the south while mountains in the north”; at the same time, it has accumulated very deep cultural inside information for Jining and made it a holly place for tourists at home and abroad.

Tel Code: 0537

Zip: 272100

The whole area: 10685 square kilometers

Division of Districts: it governs Rencheng district, Qufu district, Zoucheng district, Yanzhou district, Weishan county, Liangshan county, Jiaxiang county, Jinxiang county, Yutai county, Sishui county, and Wenshui county.