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Twin Towers in Chongxing Temple

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The two towers are 43 meters apart. The east tower is 43 meters tall and the west tower is 42 meters tall. Both of them are 13 storied towers with 8 corners on the basis of solid bricks. The broad bases are decorated with a variety of carving patterns. For instance, there is a lion, a warrior carrying great weight and lotus flower. Almost all the decorations of the towers are completely kept. In the middle of the west tower, you can see a small stone inscription which was done in the 28th year when the emperor Wanli reigned in the Ming Dynasty. In 1963, Twin Towers in Chongxing Temple was listed among the first group of cultural relics under provincial-level protection.

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northeast of Beizhen County, Jinzhou

How to Get There?
visitors can reach Beining City (Beizhen County) by bus from Jinzhou City or Goubangzi County. The traffic is always available. Then visitors can take the No. 1 Bus and get off at the Twin Tower Street and then walk to the scenic spot.

Ticket Price:

15 yuan per person

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Recommended visiting hours: 2 hours

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