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Yiwulu Mountain

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Yiwulu Mountain stretches from the northeast to the the southwest direction with a length of 45 Km and a width of 14 Km. It is also called “Liushan” (meaning six mountains) for the whole mountain has a 6 folded structure. There are altogether 52 famous peaks among the whole mountain, among which the Wanghai Peak is the highest with an alptitude of 866.6 meters.

Major scenic spots:

Wanghai Temple

This temple is built on the cliff which erects high in the lofty sky after the Guanyin Pavilion. It is based on the solid granite basis with some natural stone craves beneath. Visitors are suggested to climb up the cliff along the stone steps. When you arrive at the temple, you can get a panoramic view of the mountains and the eyesight would fall naturally to the Bohai Sea.

The literary Academy

Yelu Chucai, the prime minister of the Yuan Dynasty studies the ancient works in this mountain all year long for ages. Today, the old academy is renovated. Moreover, a wax museum and a tablets corridor are built to go with the whole scenery.

Taoist Valley

Taoist Valley, also referred to as the Big Stone House is located at the west of the Guanyin Pavilion. It is a natural stone house that straightly penetrates into the cliff with a width of 43 meters from the west to the east and a bottom width of 10 meters. There are also a great many of stone inscriptions on the top of the valley, and the springs and waterfalls are attractive sceneries.

The Age-old Pine Tree

At the west of the Wanghai Temple, there is a pine tree standing in a charming posture with a height of 30 meters and a girth of 5 meters. The emperor Qianlong once granted this tree “Yunchao Pine” meaning that the tree is so high that it can reach into the sky.

Wax museum

There are 3 wax museums. The Liao Dynasty wax museum at the Baiyun Pass mainly focuses on the achievements of the Liao Dynasty Empress Xiao;

Xiao Tao Yuan wax museum mainly celebrates the contributions of the prime minister,Yelu Chucai; the Guanyinge Pavilion wax museum mainly exhibits the deeds of the Qing Dynasty emperors.

Solo Adventure Tips:


How to Get There?
visitors can take the tourist bus at Jinzhou Railway Station directly to the destination which costs about 2 hours.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:

More Tips:
1.the best tourist season to Yiwulu Mountain is from May to October every year; during this time Span one can witness the attractive sceneries of green mountains, clears waters and brilliant flowers. Moreover, it is not so cold in this season, and there is no a apparent temperature difference between the day and night. 2.Recommended visiting hours: half a day

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