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Jinzhou Travel Guide

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Jinzhou Overview

Jinzhou is a beautiful city that boasts extraordinary and special humanity relics and natural landscapes. It occupies a key position in terms of traffic and attracts lots and lots of visitors every year. Moreover, Jinzhou has abundant natural and humanity resources due to its long history.

The agriculture is very well developed in Jinzhou. Crops like sorghum, corn and wheat and fruits like apple, pear, grape and apricots are produced in large volume every year.

Jinzhou, as an important open city in the Bohai -sea-surrounding region and an essential wing of the East-Liangning Province Peninsular Open Economic Zone is the center of economy, culture, finance and commerce in west Liaoning Province. It is an important traffic conjunction and goods distributing center linking Northeast China and North China. It also serves as the window for Heilongjiang Province, Jilin Province and Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region to reach the sea and go global. All in all, Jinzhou is of ultimate importance in the whole Northeast Asian Economic Zone.

Area code: 0416

Postal code: 121000

Ethnic groups: there are altogether more than 20 ethnic groups living here including Han, Manchu, Mongolian, Korea, etc. among which the Han nationality occupies 95%.

Administrative regions: 3 districts including Guta District, Linghe District and Taihe District; 2 counties including Yixian County and Heshan County; 2 cities of county level including Linghai City and Beining City.