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Bell Drum Tower

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Brief Introduction to the Scenic Spot

The Bell Drum Tower towers in the south of Shangxiangdai. It was first built in the Yonghe time of the Mudi reign of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (AD.346-353). It was the east city gate of Jiuquan City (called Fulu County then), which Xie'ai, the satrap of the Jiuquan County in the Qianliang Regime, presided to rebuilt. The existent drum tower was rebuilt in the 31st year of the Guangxu time of the Qin Dynasty (AD.1905). The base of the Drum Tower is in the shape of a square. The upper part is small and the part below is big. The bottom's circumference is 100 meters. It 's covered with cyan bricks. There are four arched doors in the Drum Tower. The horizontal tablets of the four doors are "Leading to the Desert Northwards", "Seeing Qilian Southwards", " Facing Huayue Eastwards" and " Getting to Yiwu Westwards". Another square earth platform is built in the center of the walls, which is at the top of the Tower. The upper part of this earth platform is a three-storied square wood building. One tablet, which says" ShengZhen Huayi", is hung over in the second floor of the east side of the city tower. The other tablet, which says "Qizhuang Xiongguan", is hung over in the second floor of the west side of the city tower. The Bell and Drum Tower echoes with Jiayuguan that lies in the west end of the Great Wall at a distance.


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Travelers can take a bus or taxi to get there.

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The Best Time For Visiting The best time for visiting the Bell Drum Tower is winter because the landscape of snow of the Bell Drum Tower in winter is quite beautiful.

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