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Big Fangpan City

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Brief Introduction to the Scenic Spot 

The Big Fangpan City is also called the Hechuang City. Because it's bigger than the Small Fangpan City, it gets the name of " Big Fangpan City". According to the book of Duhuang Record, there is the recordation about storing army provisions in the Hechuang City. Therefore, people think the Fangpang City is the Hechuang City. It's tested that this city was built in the Han Dynasty and it was a storehouse for storing rations and forage. So far, the people have only found such a storehouse in Gansu. This city is built with rammed earth boards.

It's rectangular in sharp. It's 132 meters long from east to west and 17 meters wide from south to north. The highest point of the ruined wall is 6.7 meters high. There are two earth walls that are built in the south-north orientation. The whole city is partitioned off into three parts by these two walls. There are a lot of small holes on the south and north ruined walls. They look like the ventilation equipment. Each part opens the south door. Another wall is built around the first wall of the east, west and north sides. At present, parts of the first ruined wall have remained.

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How to Get There?
Travelers can rent a car or take a regular bus at the Jiuquan Bus Station to the Big Fangpan City.

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the whole day

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