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Hashenhaer International Hunting Field

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The total area of the Hashenha’er International Hunting Field is 8,292 square kilometers. The average altitude of the hunting field is between 3,500 and 4,000 meters. The annual average temperature is 6.5 degrees centigrade. It lies in the desert and hill, where is very cold. It's a good place for hunting beasts. The number of beasts here can reach 5 orders 12 families. There are argali, bharal, Ohou antelope, white-lipped deer, wild camels, etc. The density of animals is 0.45 head per square kilometer. On the way to the hunting field, people can visit many scenic spots, such as, the Grotto with five Temples, the Ruins of Dangcheng, the Heigou Rock Paintings, the Yanchiwan Hot Spring, etc.

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How to Get There?
There is a special line to get there directly at the urban area of Jiuquan City.

Ticket Price:
100 Yuan per person

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