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Jiuquan Ancient Tombs

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The Jiuquan Ancient Tombs is famous for its fresco in the world. In the tomb with mural painting in Dingjiazha, all kinds of pictures are sketched out in a majestic and free style of drawing, such as, composed Tung Wang Kung, kind Hsi Wang Mu, driving-cloud heavenly steed, white deer with long life, elegant and graceful feather person, etc. There is a huge picture, painting that the owner of the tomb was indulging himself in pleasures after he stayed at home idly. In the picture, the female performers are concentrating on performance, which seems travelers hear the melodious music played for several thousand years. The Colored Model Paintings in the Brick Tomb of the Tang Dynasty are more attractive. There are exquisite twelve animals representing the twelve Earthly Branches, august knights, female performers playing Xiao (a vertical bamboo flute) and Hou, Zhuchu with a simple and naive look, and guards with ferocious visage. The square bricks in the pattern of lotus look like stars, enchased in the roof of the gorgeous palace. The palace has the front and back chambers. On May 1 to October 15 every year, professional functionaries receive visitors and give interpretation to them. Warmly welcome all the friends visit the Jiuquan Ancient Tombs.

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There are special line sightseeing buses to go to the Jiuquan Ancient Tombs at the Jiuquan Railway Station and the Jiuquan Bus Station.

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