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Mural Paintings of the Eastern Jin Dynasty

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Brief Introduction to the Scenic Spot

It's 12 meters deep from the earth's surface to the tomb with mural painting of the Easter Jin Dynasty. Remnant of the earth that covers the tomb is 2 meters high.  In the front part, a slope passage leads to the burial chamber. The whole chamber is build by laying bricks. The whole chamber has two parts- the front chamber and the back chamber. The four walls and the top of the front chamber are covered with colored pictures.

The back chamber is just painted in the back wall. The mural paintings are almost in fair preservation. The paintings are colored with vermilion, Zhushi, stone green, stone yellow, white, grey, etc. The contents of the mural paintings in the front chamber are divided into three parts- the scene in heaven, the human world, and the underground place. There are sun, moon, dragon, feather person, Tung Wang Kung, Hsi Wang Mu, three-foot bird, nine-tail fox, heavenly steed, white deer, Qingyun, mountain and Taming Beast Picture in the scene in heaven.

There are the picture that the owner of the tomb is indulging himself in pleasures after he stays at home idly, dock wall, farming, winnowing, husbandry, picking mulberry, flower nursery, garden, poultry, simple cattle, killing pig and cooking in the Human World. The underground place is painted with house and magic tortoise that is the symbol of loading the earth.

The back chamber is painted with box, fan, horsetail whisk, bow and arrow, silk, silk bunch, etc. Judging from the system about carriage and clothes reflected by the mural paintings, the status of the tomb's owner is within the range of queen. The structure of these mural paintings is compact and well-arranged with a masterful technique. Apply bright and flamboyant colors to these paintings. All these offer datas used for reference to study the origin of the mural painting of the Grotto in Gansu.


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There is a special line to Dingjiazha at the JIuquan Bus Station. Change at Dingjiazha and take a motor tricycle to arrive there directly.

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