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Qiaowan Ancient City

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Brief Introduction to the Scenic Spot

The Great Wall of the Han Dynasty goes across the north of the Qiaowan Ancient City from east to west.  The city corridor takes the form of the rectangle. It's 320 meters from east to west and 122 meters from south to north. The loess wall is in a relatively complete state of preservation.  The ruined wall is 5 to 8 meters high. There are some remains of the battlement and city tower at the south and north city gates. There are some corner mounds at the four corners of the city. In the city, there are the relics of the east-west avenue and some houses and temples. People can find the ruins of buildings in the west and south of the city. The legend that Kangxi (a emperor of the Qing Dynasty) dreamt about the Qiaowan city at night and he angrily beheaded two corrupt officials-Chenjinshan and his son makes the ancient city enjoy a widespread reputation.

There was a very magnificent royal temple -Yongning Temple beside the Qiaowan City in olden days. However, things can never be the same again now. People still can find out its pattern from the picture. The only witness kept is a Buddhist monk's mummy, lying in the glass cupboard very hardly.

The wall recording the history is engraved a Qiejue (a four-line poemwith seven characters to a line and a strict tonal pattern and rhymescheme) named "Cencan": Stand guard beside the Muxu beacon tower whenit's the Beginning of Spring. Shed tears alone near the Hulu River. You (a girl) miss me (a boy) but it's in vein. Not hearing the massagefrom the frontier make you devour with anxiety.


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How to Get There?
Travelers can take a medium-sized bus at the Jiuquan bus Station. It's possibly a 100-kilometer journey to get to the Qiaowan Ancient City.

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about one day

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