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Transparent Mengke Glacier

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Brief Introduction to the Scenic Spot

The Transparent Mengke Glacier was found by the experts of the Mountain and Glacier Research Station of the Academy of Sciences of China in 1959. "Transparent Mengke" is Mongolian, which means high and wide snow mountain. The Transparent Mengke Glacier located in the Tiger Ravine in the north face of the Large Snow Mountain in the Qilianshan region is a Jidalu-typa double-ridge valley glacier, with the wide accumulation area of snow. The end of the glacier is 4,260 meters above the sea level. The highest peak is 5,483 meter above the sea level. In here, white snows forever rest on the mountain summit, standing erect to the sky. It's open, spacious and quiet all the time. Nobody enters here to disturb the tranquility. The terrain slopes gently. It's easy for people to enter here or climb. There is no the danger of avalanche. It's obviously characterized by its huge bearing capability and high security. It owns the character of stability glacier.

The Transparent Mengke Glacier is on a biggish scale. It's always changing, taking on different scenes. The lofty snow peak is craggy. The interlaced ice gorge is flexural. The ice cavern is supernatural and fantastic. The ice wall is lofty and steep. The ice cascade looks like a reversed Milky Way. Some peculiar glacial landforms can be seen here and there in the Transparent Mengke Glacier, such as, ice gorge, ice mushroom, cirque, icefall, ice cleft, etc. All kinds of landscapes are absolutely lifelike. There are lofty snow mountains at the two sides of the glacier. March upwards, and magnificent glacier are all under people's feet. From the top of the glacier, people can see the full extent of the vast snowfield. The Transparent Mengke Glacier is characterized by being magnificent and vast.


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How to Get There?
There is no special line that can reach the scenic spot directly. People can take a taxi or rent a car to go there. The fare is commonly about 50 Yuan.

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Tips: Because the temperature in the Glacier changes greatly, travelers must pay attention to keeping warm when traveling here.

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