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Hutou Section of Ussuri River Scenic Area

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The Hutou Section of Ussuri River Scenic Area is another spectacle in China and this is found in Jixi. The Ussuri River is already considered as trans-boundary between China and Russia.
The main reason why this is another popular attraction is because the surroundings are bursting with so much beauty. For people who are interested in taking magnificent photos, this is the perfect place to be because every single corner of this place is postcard-worthy. 

Things to Do 

Wonders of the Hotou Section

The Hutou Section of Ussuri River Scenic Area is a place which welcomes tourists with open arms. Being in this place is the key in finding the tranquility which is impossible to attain in cities which are filled with rushing people and noisy streets. The scenic are in particular is found opposite to Russia’s Ilmen City. Amazingly, even if this is in close proximity to Russia’s urbane location, there is still a rustic and quintessential charm which is adored by thousands of people across the globe. 
During the fine days of summer and autumn, the Hotou Section is filled with numerous visitors, both locals and foreigners. The pleasant weather is the primary reason why a lot of people are attracted to this place. The air is crisp and cool plus the sun provides a friendly glow all over the place. 
Aside from the relaxing atmosphere, the natural beauty of the surroundings never fails to amaze everyone. There are people who go here to take interesting photos and others position themselves in a specific spot to do some painting. For families, this is also a great spot to spend lazy afternoons by just having picnics with the little ones. 

Ussuri River

The Ussuri River is a glorious spectacle with its gracefully flowing water. During the winter months, the water freezes up which add sparkle to the view of the horizon. The temperature of the water in the river begins to drop during the month of November. Usually, it remains icy until April and begins the ice begins to melt towards the end of the month. 
For the rest of the year, the Ussuri River is known to be bountiful of various types of fishes. Locals do spend some time in this river to catch fishes. For the foreigners who visit this place, they can observe the people who are fishing and sometimes, they may even join in the fun too. Among the fishes which are found in the waters of Ussuri River are humpback salmon, chum salmon, grayling and sturgeon. 
The surrounding areas of the Ussiuri River are impressive too because of the untouched greeneries. This could be a great place to go walking and nature-tripping, especially during summer and autumn. 

Ilmen River

Though the Ilmen River is also recognized as pat of Russia, the shores also magnet people who came to visit Hutou Section of Ussuri River Scenic Area. Interestingly, the water is crystal clear but it is not color blue. The peacefully flowing water of the Ilmen River showcases the perfect blending of green and yellow. Some people go on boat rides to be able to go closer to the mesmerizing beauty of the waters. On the banks, tourists are able to have barbecues and picnics. 
This spot is perfect especially during the summer months. This is the time when people from both China and Russia go on boat rides. The weather on the shores is also very refreshing. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


in Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province.

How to Get There?

Jixi main is accessible through the National highway 220 and 105 and provincial highway 14. It is about 100 kilometers from the Jinan International Airport. Though there are available means of public transportation, the best way to get to Hutou Section of Ussuri River Scenic Area is through private car.  

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:

All year round

More Tips:

To enjoy the outdoors even more, it is best to visit the Hutou Section of Ussuri River Scenic Area during May to October months. 

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