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Qilin Mountain Scenic Area

Last updated by meimeili at 2016/4/21

Qilin Mountain Scenic and Historic Interest Area is one of the top 10 scenic regions in the city of Jixi. Cragged mountains and clear waters come together to create the bewitching landscapes here. Then paired with the distinctive local culture, the sights and sensations of Qilin Mountain are indeed unique in Jixi.

The mountain faces north and its tail swings toward the south. Looking carefully at the range, the north peak resembles the head and horn of a unicorn while the south peak takes on the shape of its tail. The local people regard Qilin Mountain as a representative of the gods and also consider it an auspicious symbol. To say the least, Qilin Mountain is the most essential part of this scenic region as a whole.
There are 10 great scenic spots in this interest area: Qilin Delivery Blessing, Sleeping Buddha, Camel Peak, Dianjiang Platform, Artificial Waterfall, Queer Stones on the Wall, Eight-Angle Pavilion, Precious Birds’ Garden, Fish-Observation Pool, and The Bandits' Lair of Xie Wendong. Hundred Birds Garden is another site that connects visitors closely with nature. Inside, travelers can see precious birds such as red-crowned cranes and white swans, as well as other animals, like the naughty monkeys. You can even take photos of and feed the pigeons and turkeys. If you are brave enough, you can ride on a lusty Mongolian horse in the racecourse!
Mountains and ranges compete against each other for their beauty while the main peak is famous for its unique dramatic spectacle. Among the mist-wreathed ridges and valleys, sometimes 3 columns of circled morning fog appear over the mountains, floating between the water and the sky, turning the landscape into a fairytale land. This amazing scenery has been regarded as the incense from paradise.
On the opposite side of the mountain, there is another quiet and isolated place with the only exhibition hall of ancient torture instruments in China. Walking inside, you will feel like jumping into China’s long history. Besides, there is the flourishing original forest, evergreen pine trees, various kinds of protected wild animals, the nutritious houtou mushroom, uncommon tiny-scale fish, priceless herbal medicines like ginseng and fruit of the Chinese magnolia vine, and sterling natural mineral springs are good for health and prolonging life.

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take the mini-bus from Jixi City to this scenic spot

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You can find something to eat in this scenic area, but it isn’t convenient for you to live here.

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