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Jixi Travel Guide

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Jixi Overview

Jixi is both an emerging comprehensive industrial city and a waterfront landscape garden city with pleasing scenery. Its terrains are mainly mountain land, hilly areas and plains. Jixi preserves a large number of historical remains. Until the year 2010, the discovered cultural relics total 123, which include 9 ancient tombs, 15 ancient town sites and 15 revolutionary cultural relic sites. Jixi City has 10 scenic areas and 58 scenic spots, such as the picturesque Xingkai Lake, marvelous Shending Peak, mysterious Zhenbao Island, spectacular forest park Wolong Lake and national historic sites.

Jixi abounds with various wildlife resources, which includes 41 varieties of animals, 68 species of fishes, 238 species of birds and 691 species of plants. The birds under the first-grade state protection include red-crowned cranes, white storks, white-tailed sea eagles, golden eagles, Steller’s sea eagle, imperial eagles, hooded cranes, Chinese merganser and white cranes. The chief tree species include oak, birch, northern China ash, mountain elm, red pines and firs.


Jixi City is located in the southeast of Heilongjiang Province, which borders upon Russia in the east with the border line length of 631 kilometers. It adjoins Mudanjiang City in the west and Qitaihe City in the north.


Locate in the middle latitude and on the eastern coast of Asian Continent, Jixi enjoys temperate continental monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. It’s dry and very windy in spring, short and hot in summer; cold autumn and long, dry and chilly winter. The annual average temperature is between 3.5℃ to 4.2℃.

Tourist Resources

Jixi Cultural Square

Jixi Cultural Square is located on the south bank of Muling River in the northwest of Jixi City, covering an area of 330,000 square meters. The cultural square looks grand and magnificent, which is composed of relief square, totem pole square, Dongxiu Park, Xihua Park, children’ square and body-building Square. Covering an area of 5,156 square meters, the relief square features 8 trapezoidal relief walls, which is one of the largest statuary art areas in China. The totem pole square covers an area of 4,995 square meters, consisting of 9 tall bluestone relief totem poles. Dongxiu Park features an artificial lake surrounded with rockeries and stones. Xihua Park shows the perfect combination of water, bridge, pavilion and plants in classical garden art. The children’ square boasts a pair of windmills, and the body-building Square is equipped with a variety of fitness equipments.

Jixi Culture Square

Jixi Wildlife Park

Covering an area of 1.32 square kilometers, Jixi Wildlife Park is a comprehensive park that integrates scenery with mountains and rivers, natural landscapes and human landscape. The park is composed of 5 functional areas, mainly including plants viewing area and animals viewing area. In plants viewing area, there are over 80 species of cultivated landscape plants and over 40species of wild plants. In animals viewing area, there is beast hall, primate hall, water fowl garden, plant-eating animal area and world of birds, which provide a panoramic view of the animals’ growth, breeding, feeding and predation.

Jingtu (Pure Land) Temple

Jingtu (Pure Land) Temple is a famous scenic spot introducing the culture of the Jin Dynasty and a religious tourist resort. In the temple, there is Hall of Heavenly Kings, drum tower, the great Buddha hall, Goddess of Mercy hall, chic temples, the Nine Dragon Wall and the stone tablet of the Jin Dynasty. The most spectacular sight is the great Buddha hall that covers an area of 1,666 square meters, with the height of 22 meters. It’s the largest Buddha hall in the temples of Heilongjiang Province.

Mount Qilin

Mount Qilin is located in the northwest of Jidong County in Jixi, 42 kilometers from Jixi City. In 1998, the peculiar and ingenious villas as well as the gorgeous and spacious integrated service building were built at the mountainside. The Mount Qilin scenic area consists of 14 natural scenic spot, 12 villas and integrated service building which integrates recreation, relaxation, service and fitness.

Mount Qilin

Wusuli River National Forest Park

Wusuli River National Forest Park covers an area of 25,069 hectares, featuring aggraded valley plains with the elevation of about 50 meters and marsh lands inside the park. There are more than 400 species of plants in the park, and the rare and precious varieties of trees include Wusuli catalpa trees and Wusuli apricot trees. There are 23 varieties of animals, such as black bears, red deer, otter and lynx. The park also boasts 2 bird islets which contain 52 varieties of birds, and there are 3 varieties of birds that are under first-grade state protection, including white storks, white-tail seagulls and hooded cranes.