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Millennium City Park

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This park was constructed according to the famous painting Going Upriver for Qingming Festival by the Northern Song Dynasty painter Zhang Zeduan. It reproduced everything painted in the painting by the ratio of one to one. So it is a large-scale historical and cultural theme park following the Song Dynasty style. This park occupies more than 500 mu, 150mu of which is water area, and owns over 50 boats and 400 rooms of the Northern Song Dynasty flavor, forming the largest ancient Song architecture group in the Central Plains area. Stepping in the park, you can see flourishing grass and trees, listen drum, and appreciate Song Dynasty style.

In the park, everything is arranged in accordance with Gonging Upriver for Qingming Festival and follows Song Dynasty's style. So tourists can see what was the popular in the society at that time, such as tearooms, taverns, pawnshops, china workshop, Spring Festival pictures workshop, folk fun games, vaudeville, pan drum, fortune-telling, gambling, cock fight,etc. Of course, you can wear Song Dynasty's clothes and take Song Dynasty’s coin to enjoy the customs of that time.

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No.5, West Dragon Pavilion Road ( Longtingxilu)

How to Get There?
Bus Route:No.1, 15, 20

Ticket Price:

80 Yuan

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More Tips:
Food Street is a place where you can taste various delicious Kaifeng snacks. For example, well-known stuffed buns steamed in small bamboo utensils, non-salt dumplings of ingredients you choose, braised buns with mutton, etc. In Food Street, the aged Kaifeng people can find what they prefer, such as braised fish, dumpling soup, cooked mutton, oil tea, bean curd foam, and spicy soup; the young people can enjoy what they like, such as apricot kernel tea, eight-treasure gruel, red pear in crystal sugar, peanut cake, etc. Liangfen (cool noodles) of Kaifeng flavor is also available in Food Street. In the eye of aged Kaifeng people, Liangfen which must be made out of poweder of sweet potato or green bean curd, cut into slices and stir-fried with bean curd sauce and red pepper until looking yellow but burnt are regarded as the genuine Kaifeng Liangfen. It is said that those who visit Kaifeng but don’t tase Kaifeng Liangfen do not really come to Kaifeng. When enjoying delicious food, you can also watch a wonderful performance named “Heroes from Liang Mountain hijack the prison cart”. If you are tired, you can go to Xiuye Park or Food Street to enjoy barbecue or the snacks of various flavors.

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