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Sickle Bay

Last updated by  at 2015/11/10

The scene of the sickle bay is the epitome of the roaring water and Coloured River. Four jade green mountains, erecting on the other bank of the river, are like a big painted screen, so is called Mountain Painted Screen. At the foot of the mountain, there is a gulf of green water embracing the mountain, like one big sickle with clear water as bright as the mirror; the sickle bay gains the name therefore. The unique natural beauty of the sickle bay lies in the picturesque scenery, the charming green color and the extraordinary quiet environment.

Years are long, since the mountain is quiet, water flows automatically, the water of sickle bay trickles quietly. The bay, like a young girl just waking up from sleep in the boudoir secretly, is not known by anyone until today, showing her natural beauty to the people.

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