Xindu Bridge

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Xindu Bridge is located at about 3300 meters above sea level. The climate of plateau gives it a rather distinctive temperature difference. It sits in the intersection of Chuang-Zang Railway Route, leading Ganzi to the North and Litang to the South. It’s the only way from Tibet to Kangding. Xindu Bridge is 437 miles away from Chengdu and 80 miles from the city of Kangding. On the way there you have to get over Zheduo Mountain which is more than 4300 meters above the sea level. You can also see Gongga Mountain the king of mountains in Sichuan from far away.

Xindu Bridge is the fantastic “world of light and shadow” and “paradise for photographers”, as well as the painting-like wonderland. The wonderful lights, large grassland, winding streams, the golden leaves of poplar trees and groups of mountains can all be seen in this place. On the grassland cattle feed themselves peacefully and the land is dotted with Tibetan villages. Taking about “small bridge over the river”, people will probably think about River South, but do you know that in this snowy plateau land-Xindu bridge there’s also extremely beautiful bridge and river? Its style is beyond people’s imagination. Tibetan villages dotting beside the streets; elegant rivers winding through villages; poplar trees standing all over the villages; groups of cattle making this painting more vividly; mountains far away drawing an elegant line in the sky; the sun hanging in the clear sky; water in the river shining; golden leaves shaking in the wind; smoking flowing from the chimney; snowy peak of Gongga Mountain standing high to the blue sky, showing her greatness under the shining sun. In this picture you can see blue (sky), white (tower), gold (leaves), black (land, cattle), dark green (shadow of the mountains). You will feel you are just standing in an oil painting with so many colors getting together. No wonder Xindu Bridge is regarded as “world of light and shadow” and “paradise for photographers”.

The best time for Xindu Bridge is in November every year. During this time you stand on a high place and take a far look you will see blue sky, white clouds, and small rivers, strong and mild sunshine. The high white poplar trees change the color of the leaves to gold, singing and dancing in the wind just like beauties. It is a quality suggestive of poetry or painting.

The dotted 2-floor Tibetan houses are also special. They have large white walls and red gate doors. The houses are made of stones and all get abundant light because they face the sun. There are rather small windows on each of the walls. The eaves are colored to red, black, and white and so on, meaning vigor in people and harvest.

In the morning, the earth wakes up and the sun shines on the earth. The mountains all covered with gold and water in the river shines with the sun. The color the sky changes all the time. How fantastic nature is! Besides, the ancient temple of thousand years and the mysterious Tianzang platform 4 miles away are all worth visiting.

Tips for Photograph

Xindu Bridge is not too large and the scenery is just so-so seen from the town. However, the scenery will look great as a painting. “Paradise for photographers” refers to the area between Zheduo Mountain and Town of Xindu Bridge.

Each year from May to July in Xindu Bridge, eagles fly high in the blue sky, flowers blossom in the grassland, the sunshine of the plateau makes the scenery more clear. This scenery attracts so many photographers and they even do not want to leave this paradise.

When entered the high mountain zone, some people may have reaction to high altitudes. So please take the anti-drug 2 or 3 days ahead.

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