Kangding Travel Guide

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Kangding Overview

Kangding is located at the east of Ganzi Tibet Autonomous Region in the western part of Sichuan, about 380 kilometers (236 miles) from Chengdu City. It was a very famous song that brought Kangding known to people from all over the world. "Love Song of Kangding" is a song written in 1930s based on a true love story, and the romantic melody and lyric made this song popular throughout the country. When you are in Kangding, on the Horse Race Mountain, you will be able to see the original appearance of Kangding described in the song.

Kangding is home to 17 minority groups including Tibetan, Huizu and Qiangzu, among which the Tibetan group is the largest minority group. Kangding was a vibrant tea-horse trade town, and it is one of the most important staging points on the Tea-horse Road. Kangding produced tea, and caravans from western countries used to exchange their horses to tea with the locals in Kangding. Tea and silk from inland China passed through Kangding to Tibet and even further to South Asia and Europe while products from outside world also flew in China through Kangding. In 1696, the Qing Emperor Kangxi (1654-1722) approved Kangding as the first business center that connected inland China with Tibet.

The unique topography brings Kangding with rich tourist resources blending with natural and cultural elements. The main scenic sites are: Mugecuo Scenic Spot, Paoma (Horse Race) Mountain, Tagong Prairie and Gongga Mountain. There are a great number of hot springs and mountain lakes.

Top Things to Do in Kangding

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Kangding Travel Guide

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