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Kangding gathers food of both Han and Tibetan styles, but most restaurants served authentic Tibetan style food, such as zanba, qingke, buttered tea, beef and mutton. The snacks along the street are tasty with great flavor. The price is not very expensive, and you can spend only about 10 yuan to get yourself full.

The Kangding cold rice noodles are very famous, and you’ve got to have a taste. But you need to stand in a long queue to buy the cold rice noodle, because people all love it. Don’t get frustrated about that, you will see the waiting is worthy after you get a taste of it.

Guokui is the must-eat desert for locals’ breakfast. It is a type of local cakes made of wheat flour and stuffed with meat or vegetables. Guokui can be made into different flavor, so you can buy some depending on your own tastes. Local people usually eat cold rice noodle and Guokui at the same time.

Mutton soup and beef offal soup can be found in the restaurants besides Shuijingzi, the soups are quite flavored.
Moyu roaste chicken is very famous in Kangding, the chicken are very tasty with good flavor and appearance. The spicy soup is also very fresh and delicious.

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