Black Oil Mountain

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Brief Introduction to the Scenic Spot

The appearance of the Black Oil Mountain is a low hill. Its relative elevation is only 13 meters. It covers an area of about 0.2 square kilometers. The whole hill is black and its earth surface is uneven. The hill consists of sandstone dipped by petroleum or grit rock coagulated by petroleum. Because the petroleum volatilizes and scatters, the earth surface is very dried on a large area.  There are a lot of oil springs on the hill. These oil springs forms masses of oil ponds. Oil vacuoles continually gush from the oil ponds. The thick and adhesive oil is swarthy. The oiliness is precious crude oil with low solidifiability. At the top of the hill, there is a granite stone tablet built up in 1982. It takes on the shape of the pyramid. It’s 2.5 meters high.  Three words” White Oil Mountain” are carved on the obverse side of the stone tablet

Black Oil Mountain is the outcrop of the petroleum of the Triassic Period. Because the crude oil perennially spills out, it mixes with sandstones, solidifies and finally forms the hill of petroleum bitumen. Early in the book named Wei Shu (history of the Wei Dynasty)-Biography about the Western Regions, there was the record about “ flowing on the ground for tens of Li”. The place was called “Black Stone Gorge” and there was plenty of petroleum according to the literature of the end of the Qing Dynasty. In 1999, Wengtong wrote a book called Brief Record of China’s Minerals, saying: “ The White Stone Gorge is called Black Oil Mountain by local people, …A lot of oil springs are found, … the oil is dense and black.” In the book called Biographical Notes of the continuation of the Qing Dynasty written by Liujinzao, it says: “ A lot of oil springs were found in Black Oil Mountain in the past. There are nine springs now. The spring at the top of the mountain is the largest. It’s possible to get more than 100 hundred kilogram oil when the oil is prosperous”. In 1940, an old man of the Uigur nationality who lived in Sailimubayi dug a cellar to collect crude oil here in order to trade for articles for daily use. On October 29, 1955, Well Num.1 near Black Oil Mountain squirted the industrial oil. This marked the discovery of the Kelamayi Oil Field.

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There is a special tourist line to the Black Oil Mountain Scenic Spots in the urban area.

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