Devil City

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The Wu’erhe Devil City ranges from northwest to southeast. It’s about 5 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide. It covers an area of about 15 square kilometers. It’s made up of a series of separate mesas ranging nearly from northwest to southeast. The Devil City belongs to typical Yadan landform. It was formed under the influence of wind power and fluviation. Because of the cutting of running water and the carving of wind power, all kinds of bizarre shapes were formed on the stratum of the cretaceous period. Some like castle, ship and pavilion. Some like person, animal and mushroom.

The Devil City is located in the draught. It’s windy all the year around. Whenever gale comes, yellow sand covers the sun. The wind howls and shuttles back and forth in the city, sending out all kinds of eerie sounds. It seems ghosts had woeful and shrill calls. It’s horrific. Therefore, the city gets the name of the Devil City.


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How to Get There?
Take a regular bus to Wu’erhe from Kelamayi, and then take the special bus to the Ghost City.

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9:00-14:00 and 16:00-19:00 (from Monday to Friday), 10:00-15:00(on Saturday and Sunday)

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