Ke Num.1 Well

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Brief Introduction to the Scenic Spot

After New China was born, the purr of the drill in the Ke Num.1 Well woke up Black Oil Mountain deeply sleeping for one thousand years, uncovered Black Oil Mountain’s mysterious veil and made the petroleum buried deep under the ground flow out continuously to benefit the people.

The state has ever sent the geological survey team to Black Oil Mountain to make geologic investigations many times from 1951 to 1955. On June 16, 1955, the 1219 Young Drilling Crew of Dushanzi came to Black Oil Mountain. They pinned down the geographic location of Well Num.1 in front of the present airport. On July 6, 1955, they began to spud in.  On October 29,1955, the flow of industrial oil spurted out. This is the sign of the discovery of the Kelamayi Oil Field. The Ke Num.1 Well still puts into production now.

Because it’s the first well in the Kelamayi Oil Field, it’s called “Ke Num.1 Well”. In addition, a tablet was set up in memory of the moment here in October 1982. The tablet is 4 meters high. The Five-Starred Red Flag is at the top of the tablet. The tablet is made of marble. The whole tablet is about 3 meters high. The pedestal of the tablet is in the shape of square, with the side length of 10 meters. The floor is covered with pebbles.  There are 20 stone pillars that each are 50 centimeters high around.   

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