Kelamayi River

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Brief Introduction to the Scenic Spot

The Kelamayi River is also called the Chuancheng River. The traffic is extremely convenient. The Kelamayi Rivers enters the city from the northeast of the urban area, and flows cranking into the Western Suburb Reservoir located in the southwest of the urban area. It’s 8.51 kilometers long in total. The river is about 15 meters wide.  

The Friendship Bridge is the gateway to Kelamayi. The main body of the bridge is a cable-stayed bridge. The style is unique. It’s beautiful and exquisite. The whole bridge adopts the high-post lamp and the lamp with colorful ball to illuminate. The tower pillars are installed with neon hose lights.  The oblique bracing cables are decorated with the light belt. The bridge becomes an important scenic spot over the Kelamayi River. The other four access bridges are the Zhunge’er Bridge, the Kunlun Bridge, the Victory Bridge and the Xihuang Bridge. 15 pedestrian bridges and the bridges for non-motorized transportation are distributed in different parts of the Kelamayi River.

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