Multi colored Bay

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There is a colorful world in the Gobi desert in Hutubi County, which is known by the colorful hillock which is characterized by grotesque, mysterious and spectacular natures. The colorful hillock is a natural masterpiece. After the crustal movement of thousands of years, tremendously thick coal seam was developed under the rock surface which suffered the following continuous erosion by rain or wind and then the thick coal seam was exposed unevenly. Under the functions of thunder and sunshine the exposed coal seam was burnt completely. At last, the bizarre and fantastic landscape, the above mentioned colorful hillock was developed. The geomorphology structure of the colorful hillock is varied and uneven. There are grotesque rocks and peaks. Some of them look like a graceful young lady. Someone looks like a pagoda. Someone looks like a lion. Someone looks like a huge snake. In a word, the postures of the grotesque rocks and peaks with the geomorphology are almost all the kinds of shape that none resembles another. In the twilight, the colorful hillock which is observed from a high terrace looks like it is being burned by the sunset. It is a grand picturesque landscape which can arouse a great imagination or passion. Another aspect, the colorful hillock is also a natural treasure-house. There are bountiful petrol deposits and lot of resources like gold, pearls, iron, aluminum, zinc, agate, and so on. Its mineral resources are more than 20 kinds. There are living some rare animals and birds like wild asses and local pheasants in its vegetation belt in desert. Furthermore, there are other natural landscapes like dinosaur ditch, gold mines and other places of cultural interests in the colorful hillock.

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