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Chini Bagh

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Kashgar's Chini Bagh used to be the residence of British Consul George Macartney and his wife Lady Catherine Macartney for 28 years. There have been an incredible collection of processions from adventurers, explorers and historical characters, including Aurel Stein, Father Hendricks, Albert Von Le Coq, and two of the Count Otani's Central Asian archaeologists/spies, Eizaburo Nomura and Zuicho Tachibana.

In 1980, when Macartney was back to English, Chini Bagh become the home for Captain A.R.B Shuttleworth, who took over Marcartney to take charge of the consulate.

Today the Chini Bagh gardens have been demolished; the Chini Bagh house has been refurbished and turned into the well-known Chini Bagh hotel.


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