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Kashgar Minority Nationalities Kindergarten

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/5

Kashgar has a residence of a large number of minority groups. During the period of social development, they have worked closely with each other, and their cultures have been inevitably assimilated.

In Kashgar Children are considered to be disseminators of their precious tradition and culture heritages of their own ethnic group. Hence there have been a large number of Minority Nationalities Kindergartens established in the region.

You can be easily affected by the spontaneous expressions of the Kashgar Children and be touched by their sweet smiles. Being with the children is quite a fun and great learning experience, where you are truly in touch with the pure hearts and souls of Kashgar people. Through conversations, watching and live with the locals, you can really embrace the customs, cultures, educational, economy and even political atmosphere.

Here are a list of recommended Kindergartens for visitors: the Kashgar No.1 Diglossia Kindergarten, the Kokand Village Kindergarten and the Huangdi Village Central Kindergarten, etc.


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