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Mauri Pagoda

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/30

30 kilometers northeast to the Kashgar city, there resides the remains of an ancient city that dates back to the Tang Dynasty 1500 years ago. Based upon reports from archeological investigation, this city used to be the Summer Palace for the Emperor of the Karakhanid Dynasty. The township occupies a territory of 3-kilometer long and 1-kilometer wide and was protected by ramparts all around. The pagoda is about 12-meter high with an ovate top. It was built upon three squared bases with a border of 12-meter, 10-meter and 8-meter long respectively. On the side there is an elevated terrace that was originally built for displaying statues of Buddha in order to worship the Goddess. Yet the statues have gone missing leaving only a few niche relics. Today the relics of the Mauri Pagoda and the high terrace are still visible from several kilometers north of Kashgar. 

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It is situated in 30km northeast of Kashgar city.

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10 yuan

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Autumn is the best time to visit it.

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