Oytak Scenic Spot

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“Oytak” is a phrase from the old Tujue language; it means “a lower-lying land among mountains”. The scenery there is fantastic with dangerously steep mountains, bristly icy peaks, torrential rivers, dense forests, birds, butterflies, and flowers, etc. Scenic views around it are distinctive. It is an attracting natural scenic touring resort. Go upstream along the Oytak River from the mountain mouth; you can enjoy a wonderful view of the flowing and surging river, large scale of luxuriant thorny grove in river flat. Especially in deep autumn, when strips of pearl-like and agate-like thorny fruit are ripe, it will be golden-red—just like flowers in February. The thorny grove that is as red as fire and as white as the flower of the couch grass becomes a charming scenic spot in the Oytak River valley. Also, it is the amusement park of wild animals, hares and foxes running through it leisurely. Whenever you pass by either by bus or on foot, you can see these cute animals standing there still and overlooking, this endows you the delight feeling of living harmoniously with animals. Thanks to the natural impact of wind and snow, the bulging of lime stones on mountains along the sides of the river become superb craftsmanship which excelling the nature. The 20-kilometer-long river valley looks like an enormous sculpture exhibition hall. Not only is the topography peculiar, but the color is odd, like maroon, purple, soft yellow. The poem “Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet; who’s dancing with a colored band in the sky fire-lit?” is a vivid description of Oytak Mountain.

One of the scenic views in Oytak Scenic Spot is an extremely dense primeval forest. Luxuriant and thick firs, the sheltering juniper, the innumerable pinecones among the grass, the fragrant remaining pine nuts, the birds’ clamor in the woods, the jumping squirrels on the trees, along with the silver foxes and snow leopards which Oytak Scenic Spot uniquely has, leaving people wondering endlessly.

The spectacle of Oytak Scenic Spot is the modern glacier under the mighty snow-capped mountains. Cracks on the silver grey glacier look like being carved delicately. The gigantic icy cave formed by the raging torrent looks likes an attractive crystal palace. Often you can hear the cracking and snapping sound, and you may have the heart-shaking feeling when walk on the glacier.

One of the salient features in Oytak Scenic Spot is the waterfall in the snow-capped mountain. When you walk into Qiklaz, you can see waterfalls almost in every mountain mouth as the poem goes “The pouring stream dives towards a dizzy bottom; wonder if Milky Way falls from the heavenly kingdom”.  Some are on-and-off, some as slender as needles, some in and out of visibility. The waterfall in the convergence place of the ranging glacier and snow-capped mountain is comparatively splendid. It swiftly pours from the peak like a silver dragon and falls into the bottom of the deep pond with splashing spray and thunderous sound.

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Out of Aktao County, go upstream along the river valley from the mouth of Oytak Mountain, then you will come to “Fairyland on Earth”-- Oytak Scenic Spot, which is enveloped in clouds.

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