Suliton Tombs

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Sudan Satuk Tombs in Kizilsu of Xinjiang was the local authority of the west region from 10AD to 13AD--an ancient tomb complex of Taohuashi Karahan dynasty. Sudan Satuk Burgarahan was the 3rd king of Karahan dynasty and was the first king to accept Islam in ancient Xinjiang. He also regarded Islam as the state religion and spread Islam all over the country. He died in 955AD (344 in Moslem calendar), over 1000 years from now. The mosque in front of the tomb was the place where Sudan Satuk was baptized an Islamic, and it was built about 880 years earlier than Id Kah Mosque in Kashgar and about 680 years earlier than Xiangfei Tomb in Kashgar.

The mosque in front of Sudan Satuk Tombs was built for Prince Nasil by Okuqic; also, it was the place where Satuk had his conversion to the Islam and launched an attack to Okuqic’s palace. Though experienced several times of collapse and renovation, it maintained its unique features. The mosque is architecture of flat roof style. It comprises of rows of well- laid-out carved wooden pillars, the sustained ceiling made of Milei wood (a special kind of timber). Though having no painted roof beams, crossing eaves, or tortuous corridors, the delicately carved Uygur patterns on the white eight-edge wooden pillar, rows of symmetrical figures inscribed in the maize-yellow bricks, and the snow-white brick blocks make people feel solemn, respectful, majestic, and plain. The spacious rectangle hall is clean and bright with ample sunlight. The low brick stocked wooden enclosure looks gentle and natural; patterns on the blocks are distinguishable, artistic, harmonious, and attracting. This oldest mosque in Xinjiang has never lost its charm for thousands of years. When the Islamic festivals come, Muslims will come here in an endless stream

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