Fig Garden

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Artux is well-known as “land of fig”, so the quality of figs there is the first class in China. There are two crops in a year, in July and October, thus local people call them summer fig and autumn fig. You can taste fresh figs from July to October, which is the best time for tourists. Taste sweet and delicious figs under the grape trellis in the garden, you will find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind and feel relaxed and warm. Figs were spread into Artux in 10 AD. Both female and male fig trees blossom, with figs hide in the tree blossom. The flowers cannot be seen from outside except the fruit; hence the name. A fig is small in size, while the sugar content is as high as seventy percent. It is nutritious, rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals people need. Having the effect of nourishing body, invigorating spleen, fighting against rheumatism and cancer, local people call it the immortal fruit. In the fig garden, you will feel you are in heaven.

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