Muztag Peak

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According to legends, on the Muztag Peak lived an icy-mountain princess. She was passionately in love with a snowy-mountain prince who lived on Qilgeli Peak opposite, the second highest mountain in the world that rises 8116 meters above sea level. The ferocious Heavenly King was angry about this, so he cleaved the two mountains that originally were connected with a magic stick and broke up the two true lovers. The princess missed the snowy-mountain prince very much; her tears constantly streamed and finally formed the glaciers. Because snow piles on the mountain all the year round without melting, and the ice beads glisten, just like an old man with white hair and beard. Also it is the first peak developed from the glaciers, thus called “The Father of Glaciers.” If not in a sunny day, the mountain will be shrouded in cloud and mist, its true face being covered, giving people an undemonstrative and mysterious sense of an old man. While in a sunny day, looking ahead, one sees the mountain covered with vast expanse of white snow along with glaciers extending down the snow lines, just like the fluttering white dress and long sleeves of the icy-mountain princess when she is singing and dancing for her prince.

The Muztag Peak is lofty and elegant. The beautiful legend makes it a symbol of pure love in the eye of the Tajik young people.

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Take a bus in Aktao County

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All day

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