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Kizilsu Kirgiz Food

Last updated by  at 2017/6/19

Kizilsu Kirgiz Featured Food:

Korean Cooled Noodle

The major ingredients include wheat flour, buckwheat flour, and starch. First, push the prepared dough down into the pot with a machine for special use, and then cool with cold water after it is boiled. Then put in beef soup or chicken soup, and serve with pickled vegetables, pepper, beef slices, chicken meatballs, apple slices, and eggs, the dish is prepared.

Artux Mixed Noodle

Mixed Noodle, commonly called “Latiaozi”, a hand pulled (rather than rolled or pressed) product made of wheat flour, it goes well with vegetables. Latiaozi is renowned and popular all over the world. The Artux wheat has a much longer growing period, and the flour is resilient, suitable for making Latiaozi.

Big Plate Of Chicken Of Hui

The dish is bright in luster, just as sincere, honest, and bold as people in Xinjiang. Its pleasing aroma usually lasts a long time. With a mild taste of beer, and a strong taste of pepper, the chicken is tender, delicious, and smooth, yet not rich. The tomato skin of the dish is browned and crisp, while the inner part is soft and refreshing. Also the soup is so tasty that you cannot resist.