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Fig is commonly called “sweet bun on the tree,” and has the fame as “Holy Fruit on Earth.” There have been records about manual cultivation of fig since Tang dynasty (618AD-907AD). The Artux fig is famous for its big size, thin skin, bright luster, high content of sugar, rich nutrition, and wonderful taste.

Baren Apricot

Baren apricot abounds in Aktao County in Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture in Xinjiang. It has a long history, and is an old and good-quality fruit peculiar to Xinjiang. Fig in Baren Town of Xinjiang is of the highest yields and the best quality, thus the name. With a big size, thick pulp, bright luster, high content of sugar, refreshing taste, and high yields, fig is famous in Xinjiang both as fresh fruit and dried fruit. Also, Baren apricot has a miraculous effect on cancer prevention.

Munag Grape

Munag grape was originally produced in the countryside of Artux, and was a native breed widely grown by the peasants. The long-term natural variation between different generations has led to different descendants that vary a lot in quality. After over 10 years of selection and scientific cultivation by experts in the prefecture, fine strains of Munag grape were bred and popularized rapidly. This kind of grape is crisp, sweet and tasty.

Huwanaic Apricot

Huwanaic apricot is oblate, evenly grown, and is of a medium size. With no down on it, the skin is yellow and smooth. The apricot-pit is small, and the almond tastes sweet. After the apricot is dried, it appeared tan. With a high rate, 3-3.5 kilos of fresh apricots can be made into 1 kilo of dried apricots. Dried apricot in the Autonomous Prefecture is famous in China for its big size, thick pulp, sweet taste, and bright luster. It looks wonderful and smells fragrant.

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