Bayanbulak Grassland

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Bayanbulak Grassland, whose terrain is vast, is located in the northwest of Hojing County, southern Tianshan piedmont. It has an area of 2.3 million square kilometers and it is 636 kilometers away from the city Korla which is one of the top 100 counties of China in 2009. The grassland is the second largest grassland of our country with the vast veriety of plants and carpet of green grass. What’s more, there are herds of cattle and sheep on the magnificent grassland full of plenty of water and lush grass.
Bayanbulak Grassland means the fertile spring water which is cold and crystal-clear in Mongolian. And it’s not only massive and flat, but also well clothed with Festuca rudra of high quality. Besides, this grassland is also rich in yarks which are called the tanks on the plateau. In midsummer every year, all kinds of flowers on the grassland are in full bloom and they send forth a fragrance at once delicate and sweet. The air was saturated with the perfume of the flowers. And the sheep crop on the grass. Sturdy steeds dash down the grassland. Lots of Mongolian yurts like frost lotus are everywhere. All of these beautiful natural sceneries will gladden your heart and please your eyes.


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