Peacock River Scenery Tourism Zone

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Peacock River, rising in Boston Lake and going through the city Korla, finally empties into Lop Nur. Four gardens, five bridges and six scenic spots were planned to be built in Peacock River Scenery Tourism Zone. They are Botanical Garden, Peacock Park, Teenager Park, National Customs Garden, Fishing Garden, Pear Garden, Scenic Outlooks, Flower Garden, Peacock Square, Unity Garden and so on.

Five functional zones were built in the first phase of construction. They are leisure and pleasure area, sightseeing area, child activity area, sports area and silence area, all of which can provide citizens with all kinds of leisure activities such as sightseeing, swimming, body building, rowing, paddling and enjoying the cool air. And Peacock Square is an important scenic spot in this tourism zone. Besides, body-building square offer citizens a great place to take exercise with many exercises machines which were awarded by the country because of their outstanding achievement in sports lotteries. The area for children playing in the water covers 60 acres, in the north of which, there are Man-made Waterfall and spouting spring. What’s more, there are also some exercises machines and an artificial lake for children to exercise and swim in the middle of the area. It’s really a wonderful place for parents and children to enjoy themselves. If people admire to spend great time with their children, this tourist attraction is of course a good choice. And a sense of tranquillity, wellbeing and relaxation within the living confines of this lavish Peacock River Scenery Tourism Zone provides a haven for those seeking refuge from the city buzz. People will find great pleasure in it without any doubt.

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