Balikun Lake

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The lake water of the Balikun Lake is separated into the south part and the north part by a gravel beach. It's one of the places with the most beautiful natural landscape on the east-line tour. There is a Unique Stone Mountain in the place that is 7 kilometers away from the northwest of the Balikun Lake. The Unique Stone Mountain is formed by perennial weathering. It 's a good place to go when people pay a visit to Balikun.

The Balikun Lake was called the Pulei Sea in ancient time. It's about 1,800 kilometers away from the west of Balikun Town. The surface of the lake is in the shape of ellipse. It's about 9 kilometers wide from east to west and about 13 kilometers long from south to north. It covers an area of 113 square kilometers. The lake surface is 1,582 meters above sea level. There is a sand levee stretching from south to north. The sand levee divides the lake into the east part and the west part. Blue wave ripples in the East Lake. The West Lake is silvery white as a whole.  There is a large marsh on the east part of the lake. Around the lake, there is a vast pasture.

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It's located in Bali. It's 150 kilometers northwest of Hami.

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There is a special line to the Balikun Lake.

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