Kumul Devil City

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Kumul Devil City is actually a Yadan landform which formed after long wind erosion to the nature. The Devil City takes a width of 5-10kilometers and a length about 400 kilometers from east Camel Peak to Wubao Shaer Lake, passing Yamansu iron mine and Dananhu coal mine. It is so mysterious that a green hand would get lost in this devil city, especially encountering windstorms.

In the Devil City, you can see landscapes like castles, palaces, stupas, steles, characters, various shapes of animals and dazzling cliffs. Besides, if fortunate enough, you can see colorful agates, clear plant fossils and small dinosaur egg fossil. Sometimes when night falls, people can hear outrageous bray like devils are wailing, which is the reason why this place is known as "Devil City". Actually here is an ancient castle ruins survived—Aisike Xiaer ancient castle: it is 6meters from the ground and is considered to be a posthouse on the Silk Road.

The Kumul Devil City now is a three-star scenic area and there is an ecologically friendly park in it. By walking into the marvelous park, you will have the feeling of wandering in a maze. In this vast Gobi desert, sight of alone or connected palaces seems really magnificent. In the magical devil city, not only can you take unique wonders in you sights, you can also freely indulge your imagination about various beautiful sceneries. What is more, those scarce wild animals there will make you deeply realize the preciousness of life and enhance your consciousness of protecting natural ecology.

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20kilometers south of Wubao Village of Hami city

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RMB 25

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