Kumul Fruit Garden

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Kumul Fruit Garden covers a total area of 1234.7 hectares. It is a composite tourist base of rurality, desert landscape, lake view and marsh landscape. In this garden, you will be lucky to taste fresh melon and learn history knowledge of planting Hami melon. Besides, you can also enjoy the pleasure of fishing and the splendid sight of natural desert. There are five unique activities prepared for tourists in this fruit garden :

The first one: exclusive plantation of Gong melon—Hami melon of 400years ago. This is a plantation designed like that 400 years ago when Kumul King Dubei La specially planted melon for King Kangxi. Every year, Hami melons in this garden are controlled at the number of 1698, which is the year when Kangxi gave the name of Hami Gua. Each melon here has its own special number and a growth portfolio. All melons in the garden are cultivated with farmyard manure, which accords with modern nutritional requirement of green-food. It is never too high to comment that melons you taste in Kumul Fruit Garden is the nonesuch of all Hami melons in the world.

The second one: Fu Tower, Spring of God's son, lovetree. Fu Tower is the symbol of blessing in minority's eyes. Spring of God's son, nearby the Fu Tower, is crystal clear and flows for the whole year. The lovetree, located upwards of the spring, is the wish of love. When young people here grow up to 20 years, they will come under the lovetree to pray for love.

The third one: Aquatic Park. Here all modern amusement equipment; interesting off-road racing and exploration on small the island will bring tourists with excitement and happiness.

The fourth one: Horse riding. You can ride a horse along the lane in the garden and enjoy the scenery of green trees, beautiful lake, twitter in forest and intoxicating flowery.

The fifth one: Field choice and taste fresh Hami melon. Are you interesting in a rich and colorful travel? The Kumul Fruit Garden will offer you an absolutely different trip in your life.

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