Kumul Museum

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Kumul museum, located in Guangdong Road of Hami, was established in 1988. In June, 2002, the Nanyue Cultural Center sponsored by Guangdong Provincial People's government became a part of it. The museum includes an exhibition hall of more than 800 square meters and a storeroom of 300 square meters.

Kumul museum collects more than 12000 historical relics like stoneware, bronze ware, pottery, carpentry, ironware, felt, attire of Qing Dynasty and mummy during the period from the primitive society to Ming and Qing Dynasties. Among all collections in Kumul museum, there are 17 pieces of cultural relics ranked as Class A heritage under national protection. All historical relics here are exhibited according to their history, from Stone Age to Qing Dynasty, which shows the long history of Kumul for tourists.

There are about 1000 cultural relics on show in the exhibition hall, including world-shocked Wubao mummy, fancy ancient felt and valuable Bronze kettle. Most historical relics here reflect full-bodied local cultural.

A visit to Kumul museum will not only gain a satisfaction of sight, but also a profound learning of long history of Hami City.

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No.360 Guangdong Road of Hami

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 RMB 10

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